In the Sufi Tradition there are several initiations, by means of which the initiate receives from his Teacher the beginning and endorsement to enter a new dimension of his Inner Work.

The Secret of the Heart refers to one of those initiations, in which the Teacher activates the SIRR or deep secret of the Heart of the disciple. In the moment of receiving this initiation the student becomes a disciple by being in contact with a new interior dimension.

All the spiritual Traditions of the planet have referred to the importance of the Heart; unfortunately most of them have lost the true Importance and meaning that the Heart has as an organ of Inner or Spiritual perception. The physical heart is an absolutely indispensable organ for the human body, without which, as we all know, life can’t continue. Similarly, there is the Energetic, Mystical, Spiritual Heart of the human Being, and without its activation the seeker is unable to contact, to receive or to Be in a very deep sense. In the Sufi Tradition this has been called:

The Secret = THE SIRR

When a Sufi Teacher activates this Inner Organ of Perception in the disciple, he gives life to him by means of energy of the Reality, which is channeled by the Teacher. This energy, or Grace or Divine Essence, activates the Heart of the disciple in the moment he is ready to receive this important initiation. It is an event that in truth constitutes a very important step in his Inner Development, since the activation is required for his further progress and his ascent to higher levels of Consciousness.

From that point on, the disciple will be able to feel his own Spiritual heart in a way he rarely felt it before. Now he will be able to give relaxed attention to this SIRR and to feel it alive or active in his daily life. Perhaps before he could understand intellectually the possible importance of the Heart, remembering what so many great Mystics have said of its importance. Now he will be able FEEL that life, that experience, as a reality.

By means of the exercises and practices that the disciple undertakes, he will be able to activate his Heart at will, and will learn to count it as the most important organ of his Being.

When meditating and contemplating, feeling his own Heart, the disciple will be increasingly able to perceive, and also to emanate, like a lamp or a fountain, the flow of energy that the Heart alone is able to produce, receive and transmit, bringing in addition important beneficial elements for his physical body.

There will be three forms of Being of this Organ of Perception: Active, Passive and Neutral.

Active will be when he deliberately gives out, like a fountain, the contents of Love, Gratitude and all the rest of the contents that exist in the Attributes of Reality. This is especially the case when he emits the contents of the Heart in a deliberate way toward people nearby or at a distance.

Passive is the Heart at rest in a particular content, as when it is fixed in the content of Peace. In this passive state it will be receiving and storing contents such as Peace in order to share them later with others.

In Neutral, the Heart is present in present time, in a state of Being and in contact with The Totality which gives it Life.

When the human Being is in this state of Being, with his Heart active, he can Live in a state in which stress disappears, or better yet, is nonexistent. To live life from that state is to elevate the quality of life exponentially.

In this way, the disciple will be able to see that his Life now participates in an inner state permanently in contact with his own Heart, feeling it and thus able to engage in a dialogue with it, as did the Mayan People, who as a Wise People maintained this activity constantly, deliberately.

While the Human Being believes that it is with his thinking brain alone that he is able to achieve something in life, he will continue to experience fear, envy and all the negative characteristics that are produced by the world in which he lives in the XXI century. This is because the Heart is the appropriate organ to intuit, to Intend, to understand instantly that which is suitable and positive for the human being and his surroundings.

The only way that Humanity, individually and collectively, can achieve a life of Peace, Union, Compassion and Love…is by activating the Heart through a methodology that makes it possible, in a practical and constant way (without the lower impulses which are often considered so important), to Grow day by day in the capacity for Loving and receiving the energy of Love, continuing to develop toward ever higher levels of consciousness.

Nowadays, methods and electronic tools already exist to help the human being to know if his Heart is in harmony with the rest of his Being. These tools are being used by companies, governments and people who wish to achieve an important advance in their quality of life. This is another example of how modern technology is coming closer each day to the Ancient Spiritual Traditions of the planet. Humanity achieves these advances due to its great need for a life that is healthy, positive and free.

In the Alef Institute the ancient techniques are used along with modern tools, so that students are able not only to perceive that they are advancing but also to measure progress by means of XXI century technology.

When the student is prepared and already maintains a deep interior contact with his Spiritual Guide, it is possible for the Guide to accomplish the activation and initiation of the SIRR of the student even if he is at a great physical distance, since the distance is only relevant to certain dimensions.

The student is ready for this initiation when his Inner Being requests from him a state of Inner Peace. This occurs in someone for whom the excitement of the world has little importance, when the mind has already quieted itself enough to respond to questions that arise about Life and Creation.