A very important concept and context to

understand in The Sufi Tradition

Is that of Tajalli.

Tajalli is energy which is at first,

given as a loan to the student,

by the Teacher and

which will make the initial efforts of the

student possible and successful.

If the student allows the Teacher to

Loan him or her this energy , the contact

between them is established and can

start to produce positive results in

the efforts of the student.

If the student , because of doubts , fears and or

mental associations and reservations , does not allow the

Teacher to Irradiate the student , then progress will

remain at a stand still.

When the student has had enough

time to experience Tajalli via his or her

Teacher , then a very important and new

experience starts to become possible:

the student now knows where the backup for

his or her progress is coming from,

and if the student continues to make the

correct efforts to progress by using the

Prescribed inner Work that the Teacher has

Given him or her , then, progress

Will become more and more visible to

The Teacher , the student and those who

Observe this relationship.

If on the contrary , the student stops

using the materials and prescriptions given

to him or her , because he or she is now feeling

very well because of the reception of

the Tajalli , then a stop in progress is the result

and also the way in which Tajalli stops coming

into his or her life.

The stopping of the flow of Tajalli is automatic

in the sense that once the student stops

being gratefull and respectfull towards the

Source of this Tajalli,

This very refined energy will be delivered

To others who can use it correctly.

The most important stage of the Tajalli

Relationship between Teacher and student

Will start to emerge when the student

Out of love, gratefullness and respect,

“Overflows” towards his or her Teacher.

One Way Tajalli is for the Beginning

Of the relationship with the Teacher in

The Sufi Tradition.


Two Way Tajalli is what can

Make a real Tarika come into Being.

A Tarika or School of Inner Development

Becomes possible when many students

Of one Teacher have stablished

A Two Way Tajalli relationship with

The Teacher.

A Tajalli context comes into being

When there is a live Teacher who

Irradiates energies towards

Students who are interested in self development

And in what he or she has to offer.