In the same way as in the Islamic Orders of Sufism there is emphasis in the amount of time dedicated to study and Inner Work, in The Schools which have been born in the West there is also emphasis and the need to alert and show students who form part of these schools, the importance of Real Dedication, to obtain a Real awakening in a Human Being.

Correct Effort is emphasized, but without forgetting that to achieve the Development of Man there must be dedication. This dedication includes dedicating a minimum daily amount of time to study and Inner Work.

For there to exist a Real School of Inner Work the most important thing is that the School have the backup of energy (Grace-Baraka) which will make progress possible; because a Real School of Inner Work cannot be based only on techniques; and even less on words or texts. Nevertheless a school cannot be based only on this backup of Energy; it needs to have the Knowledge which can be transmitted to the students. The transformation of man would be to no avail without the Real Knowledge which can be transmitted to those who will also transmit to future generations.

Instituto Alef has come to life as you will see through the description made on this web page, in answer to the need in the West, to offer a Way of Inner Development, without the need to preserve cultural contexts, which were mainly preserved, because if they had not been used in Islamic countries, it would not have been possible to work and transmit peacefully a vital Knowledge for Mankind.