Sufi Healing Sessions

I am Alidedé.

I am a Sufi Healer.

I have specialized in healing at a distance for many years now.

I now want to open this new Section of Instituto Alef and of our Web Page

to offer Healing Sessions to the public in general with the following caracteristics :

I want to gift you with your First Healing Session.

For me to be able to send you your free Healing Session.

Please send me the following :

1.- Your full name :____________________________

2.- Your full married name :____________________________

3.- Your age :________________________________________

4.- Your Height and weight :____________________________

5.- Your country and the city where you live :_______________

6.- your email address :_________________________________

7.- Repeat of your email address :_________________________

8.- A brief description of the malady which you want resolved :_____________________

9.- The aproximate date when you first had this malady :___________________________

10.- A brief description of your meals ._____________________

The day after you send me your above data I ask you to please be attent and relaxed for me to send you Healing at 11 am Central Standard time of the USA.

If you feel the need for further Healing Sessions please send me an email with your same data again, adding a description of the effects you had from the previous Session and please send your donation to via for the amount which you are able to send me, each time you feel the need of another Healing session.

I send you my best wishes for your complete well being .