We present a description which allows a better idea of the stages of Inner Development for students of this Institute. Each of these six stages has an approximate duration of two years.

In a Club, in semi-esoteric groups and in some religious activities the individual is allowed to think that he can have inner progress by means of a minimum effort. As if the human being did not have the possibility of Evolution or of perfecting himself Spiritually. In those contexts there is no emphasis on the possibility of being able to achieve the spiritual perfection which is possible for mankind.

Which then is the difference between a person who has achieved spiritual perfection, as far as it is possible for the human being, and a person who does nothing to achieve this ?

Nature constantly shows us that to obtain optimum characteristics in a creature of the vegetable, animal or human kingdom, it is necessary to have optimum conditions also. Those optimum characteristics have something in common which has not been observed in our world today :

Energetic Nutrition has to be optimum or very close to it if we are to have an organism, a Being, a creature with optimum characteristics.

Nothing else has the same importance. Alef Institute has the knowledge to contact and distribute this Nutrition.

Those who need to learn, many times try making efforts by trial and error with the idea of achieving success. Haphazard efforts are useless. This is one reason why Real Schools of Inner Development come into being in each epoch.

Stages in the Institute allow the possibility of consolidating Real Knowledge.

1.- Stage of Dedication and Veracity. In this stage the student will dedicate himself to the study which has been prescribed for him or her, using no less than two hours a day for study and Inner Work, reporting as truthfully as possible the work done to the Director of studies, every three days, or sooner, if necessary. This trial stage is very important to see if the student will continue in the Institute. If dedication and truthfulness does not arrive at the level that is required, the Director of the Institute will inform the student that he or she will not be able to continue. The student is observed with interest and attention from first contact.

In this stage the student will start doing breathing-visualization-intention-sensation exercises in contact with other levels of energy. So that through those techniques the student will obtain the energetic nutrition, which will give him or her a firm basis for those studies. By reading certain materials he will familiarize himself with the type of Spirituality and Inner Work which characterize studies in the Institute. If the student has the capacity, he or she will be able to help in some area of the Institute, starting from the beginning, a Service which will make his or her progress possible. If the student has worked in other contexts of inner work before, it will not necessarily mean that he has an advantage for his own progress; because often it is a disadvantage if he or she has become accustomed to be without making efforts, without dedication; lying to himself and to others, in search of emotional, intellectual or other stimulus which this Institute does not offer. When the student ends his or her studies in this Institute, he will have the capacity to prepare others.

2.- Stage of Potentiality. In this stage there is an acceleration in studies, because the student will already have the basis to build upon. And as in each new stage, he will start to do more complex exercises, which will enable him to contact higher levels of Energy and Conscience.

3.- Stage of Differentiation. In this stage the student will be able to differentiate with clarity what BEING, SERVICE, UNDERSTANDING and PERCEPTION are, in a different level to that which is used in the everyday world. He or she will start to use part of their time, anonymously, in helping those who are in need it.

4.- Stage of Perception. In this stage the student will be able to perceive more clearly his or her relation with Life, and with those with whom he lives. He will be using more refined techniques to contact higher levels of energy, deliberately, for his development and Service. Only those who Serve others effectively receive the energy to continue.

5.- Stage of Knowledge. By the use of the techniques of the last stage, the student will now be able to know the purpose of the development he or she started and will also know how to further this Knowledge.

6.- Stage of Union. Union with the Radiance of Reality is the Objective of the study and the Inner Work which he has started. Union will build up slowly, from the beginning of his or her efforts, so that at the end of the course this Union will be consolidated. He or she will be able to dedicate an important part of their time to serving others, from the second stage of his or her studies, and in this final stage will be able to receive Energy from the Invisible Hierarchy of Reality.

We describe these stages in this way to give the student a clearer idea of what can be achieved. In theory, these stages are different to Reality, and they will adopt slightly different forms, depending on each individual.