In 1960 it would take several weeks for a letter to go from America to Europe and for the answer to return to America.

Today we can communicate several times per day with people who live on the other side of the world, and receive answers that same day.

We can continue using methods and techniques of yesterday or we can make use of whatever is needed today to live in a world which is much faster and more demanding in many ways.

The same happens with the need to communicate an instruction or knowledge to a student, if the student is truly in need and ready to be taught.

The capacity of the student to use Intention effectively is an important part of what a real school of Inner Development can teach. How to breathe with the whole Being is another vital part of study. How to awaken the Special Organs of Perception, which are dormant, is another important task in a school of Inner Work.

We need to understand that the main issue to examine is our inner Being, when Working on Self-Development. If a person is more productive, healthier, more sincere, tolerant, flexible, able to serve, understanding, more honest with himself and with others. If the person is happier and is more able to cope with life, and is also learning a technology which can help him or her during their lifetime, the student has some important examples of positive achievements in his or her life….

Knowledge can sustain a person. With knowledge a person can reproduce a state, a well-being, better health, mental clarity, etc.