The concept of Huzur is used to accomplish inner exercises that allow the student to make the way of ascent. His guide supports this ascent, giving him greater strength to advance.

The ascent proceeds from the most coarse to the most fine in the field of the student’s attention and intention, and therefore it also allows a true inner development that takes place in a practical manner.

In order to understand what Huzur is, let us view the human being as a very refined instrument of communication. It is necessary to know and properly equip the instrument in order to use it well. It can be used to receive, to hold and to emit frequencies and/or communication towards the outside; toward other human beings and toward the different levels of life that exist in the Universe of the human being. It can also be used in order to Be or to deliberately experience a particular frequency or state of being.

When this fine instrument of communication is not properly educated and equipped, the instrument simply chooses at random to be in accidental tune with something. This something might be positive or negative for the Being and for the development of the person. It is as if a long-range radio with poor controls were set on a station without the express will of its owner.

The human being grows in a context in which he permits himself to be and to remain in this state of complete lack of control of that to which he is tuned. He goes continuously from one subject to another without control. The majority of the time he is “tuned” in a completely accidental way. Now he puts his attention on one thing, now on another, at random, without being able to choose from moment to moment. The only one who can be in tune voluntarily to what is truly necessary and useful, is a human being with full use of his complete capacities, A Being able to Be what he decides to Be, since one is that in which one places one’s attention.

The inner work of all times, in a school of The Great Tradition, has always made it possible for the being that is qualified, to tune his attention and his intention to that which he really needs.

Since there are so many frequencies, from the most coarse to the most fine, the human being can be caught in very low and therefore very negative levels of density.

The way of ascent of the human being is to go from the very coarse to the very fine in a progressive manner. This allows him to remain with all his Being in that frequency he chooses voluntarily.

For this reason, in a school of The Great Tradition, one undertakes exercises which are designed with the objective of enabling one to arrive gradually at the highest levels of contact with Reality.

First one fixes the attention deliberately in something of high density, such as a stone. All of the attention of the individual is deliberately set, while relaxed, in that stone, with the objective of realizing the importance of sending the attention towards something and maintaining it there deliberately instead of doing so by accident, as happens to the human being who has never trained his attention deeply.

When the individual has been able to maintain his attention in the stone, inside the stone, for some minutes without interruption by telling himself to do so, and has managed to do so over some weeks, then he directs his attention toward something less dense and repeats the same process for several minutes at a time. Thus, he makes the ascent from dense levels of matter toward finer and finer levels of immateriality:

From a stone, to a plant, to a living animal, to a beloved human being, to a spiritual Teacher, to a Prophet, to the Totality of All Creation, thus to arrive finally at The Creator.

A Human Being who is able to Be what he chooses to Be is someone who can set his internal tuner to what is most suitable, that which is most positive and most desirable in his life at that moment. He can even intentionally set the level in which he wants his attention to remain during his hours of dreaming by making that affirmation prior to sleep.

It is important that the disciple who does attention exercises such as those I mention understands that the exercises are to prepare himself and thus manage to live his daily life in states more equal each day to those he achieves in exercises.