In the past, the present, and in the future, frequencies have been and will continue to be used, which the individual learns to produce in his interior and his surroundings at will. The student will learn to resonate with these frequencies and to use them for his or her development.

The main ingredient for its transmission is the Human Being who has already gone through what the student will, to achieve his own development. Through that Guide energy is received which is indispensable and necessary for the advancement of the student.

Then there is the Knowledge which such an individual has of the means and techniques for the design of a course : a Way which is individual for each student.

Techniques are innumerable. They can be designed for a student Knowing what or which is the Objective which is sought for that student. The correct use of those techniques will be vital.

Thirdly, it is necessary that the course is prescribed for the student; otherwise there will not be valid or permanent results.

In the fourth place it must be made clear for the student that if he or she does not have real dedication and contact with the Director of studies, the objectives which the specialized guide is expecting for the student will not be achieved.

It is also vital to establish a relationship of confidence between the guide and the student, so that when the student sees his own progress, he will learn to value it and to go further and further with his or her dedication and study.

Another point that can be mentioned here is the study of written materials which have been designed by specialists, for our times. These materials include the use of humor which allows a student to dissolve barriers of conditioning, enabling him or her to perceive his or her own situation with more ease and more directly, as well as life itself, and to see his own weaknesses, achievements and strong points.

This literature also uses Teaching Stories which are prescribed for the student, which will help him or her to focus on many aspects of himself and others in a simple and natural way, without the resistance which there normally can be when trying to see himself as he really is.

The design of a study dynamic also must include elements which will make it possible for the student to advance in his everyday life, whether she be a housewife or whatever profession the student is developing.

Another important point is that the student should know that it is important to obtain his or her freedom or shall we say “graduation”, because when a student has the necessary knowledge, his guide will let him know, so that he or she can continue life and development as an individual who has acquired this capacity. If this moment does not arrive at a reasonable time it is because the student has not been dedicated. So as not to lose time and energy which is too valuable to lose, the student will be directed constantly towards The Objective. Because at the beginning the student does not know what it is and how to achieve it, it will be important to follow the curriculum, if progress is to be made.

From the beginning emphasis will be made so that the student knows that dependence on the Guide has a healthy limit, and that dependence is not desirable. At the same time it is important to understand that without a Guide the student cannot advance. Balance concerning this understanding is very important.

Many other details concerning the way in which knowledge is transmitted and in which development is furthered in a School of Inner Work can only be communicated when one is part of a School.