Cinco Elementos


Health Via

The Five Elements

September 2018

Dear Alef Members,

In this text I describe my perception of how to obtain

and remain in good HEALTH in a condensed way,

with the help of The Five Elements.

I will mention its’ main Essence

so that it can be understood and practiced easily

and leave it up to you, to expand, if you are in need and

truly interested. Please refer to the recommended reading.

In medical schools all over the

western world, what is mainly studied is Illness.

Surgery and chemistry are what Western medicine

uses the most and is far from giving Health to their populations.

World statistics show very poor results when

we look at what The World Health Organization publishes.

If there is an excess or a deficiency and or low quality in the

Five Elements, we will have illness and or lack of

well being and Health.

I find, that to achieve true permanent health, it is

necessary to have a holistic Understanding and Use of


 which have been mentioned by savants,

as the components of life, for centuries.

Here I describe my use of the five elements to obtain Health:

Earth-Water-Air-Fire-and Spirit

in a way that we can understand and use without having to

study encyclopedic materials and so that we can apply

this know how, as soon as we are able.

1.- By Earth, here, I refer to the elements of

Nutrition which we have at our disposal.

These include Enzymes, Proteins, Carbohydrates, herbs,

Minerals, vitamins, and Fats or Oils which have to be as

Clean and unpolluted as possible for us to remain in good health

And also contexts such as the use of natural fibers for clothing and

Exercising our bodies and investing sufficient effort and time

To achieve Health.

We also need to learn about the unhealthy effects of chemicals

Used for washing softening and deodorizing clothing.

Here let us consider a few very important

elements of nutrition which provide health to a high degree:

when I was very young and was Kalifa for Idries Shah

I was always traveling to the groups that were my responsibility.

On many of those trips I was asked how to cure many different maladies

that many students had. On one occasion in the USA there was an older

man who was very ill and his doctors said they could not help him.

He was left with little hope.  I prescribed having vegetable juices made

with a champion masticating juicer and he lived another 25 years

in very good health!!!

1.- Juices made of vegetables. Specially of carrots, beets

Celery and tomatoes etc.  Also fruits : from grapes and apples etc.

Using a masticating juicer that does not heat and/or damage the vital

enzymes, as the Champion or the Aicok, depending on your budget.

Replacing fats and oils with real butter from pasture free cattle and

coconut oil which have given health

to many many generations all over the world and which have been

incorrectly satanized by economic interests. We can use these in ample

amounts, as well as virgin olive oil, to a lesser degree. Never margarine.

For further information about all I will mention, please

see the recommended reading list at the end of the text

and the immense research done on all of these subjects worldwide.

Consume as many raw vegetables as possible in salads etc.

And Fish, meats, chicken, eggs, quinoa and nuts as proteins, in smaller

amounts than what are normally served in our western world.

Please refer to The China Study.

The largest nutritional research ever made.

Avoid white sugar, white flower products, bottled drinks that have

All sorts of chemicals and unnatural sugars. They all acidify.

Illness is only present in acidic cells.

It will be very useful to use ph paper to check

your ph levels until you are familiar

With this important context. So you will know when

you are acidic or alkaline after some time of using ph paper to

check your hydrogen potential.

One feels truly well when slightly alkaline. Or badly when acidic.

As you may know: From 1 to 6.9 is acidic- Neutral or balanced at 7

and from 7 upwards is alkaline on a scale of 14.

PH should be 7.2 to 7.4 for cellular health to be present.

Measure Urine or saliva. Urine and saliva will be showing lower

Values than the direct cellular levels in our body.

This is important because

ph paper will show approx. 0.8 lower values than your cells.

This means that if ph paper reads 6.4 to 6.6  you will be

at healthy alkaline levels.

If there is an excess or a deficiency and or low quality in any of the

Five Elements, we will have illness and/or a lack of

well being and Health.

2.- Water needs to be pure and alive to offer us its’

Full health potential.

Alkalinizing water machines or bottled water are not recommendable.

In the last 15 years a lot of scientific work has shown that

The water that most populations drink is devoid of life giving

properties for our health and full of pollutants.

Please also see the recommended reading at the end of the text.

I strongly recommend that you purchase the best drinking water

You can buy in your area and that hopefully you can buy a

Vitalizer Plus unit

To re-structure (via vortexing) the best drinking water you can buy in

your area so that in incorporates crystalline structure and hydrogen.

As you can see from the recommended reading, hydrogen

is very important for water to be ALIVE.

The structure of water and its’ hydrogen is lost in many ways.

One way is the transportation of water by way of straight lines

In tubes and by the addition of many chemicals by the

authorities of most countries. Municipal chlorine and fluoride are

truly dangerous and lower the health of the immune system.

This know how probably sounds exaggerated to many people

who are not familiar with the latest research on Nutrition,

Water and other data I mention in this paper.

Believe me, it is not exaggerated.

If possible also purchase PRIME H2 to incorporate it into

Your drinking water when you vitalize it. Or to take as

a supplement to produce hydrogen in our bodies.

 I suggest you use one capsule per pitcher

of the Vitalizer Plus and start drinking small amounts to become

familiar with the health effects and detox it provides.

 All of the products and ebooks I mention in this paper can be obtained


What we can spend on these products is much much less than what is

 normally spent on allopathic medicines, insurance and hospitals

which are all used mostly when people are already ill.

3.- Air needs to be as clean and alive as possible also.

Ventilating properly and using Negative Ionization whenever possible.  or

and doing the Pa tuan chin and Creative Breathing which you

already know, each day, for as little as 7 mins. each.

Excess wind sweeps positive energies and negative ions from the air.

4.- Fire or Light or Heat also needs to be present in our lives in the

amounts needed for health to be present. Taking the sun for at least

10 to 15 mins. per day. The sun has also always provided life and

health to the world and we need its’ health giving light to be

well. Sun blockers are to be done away with and in their place

we can use real clean coconut or almond oil. Excess sun

as all other excess use of the Five elements will always be harmful.

Try hard to avoid micro-ovens, they do away with life giving elements.

There are special infra red or what are called, near to infra red light

 panels, that are now used in clinics and homes all over the world to

provide the light that our bodies need to be in Health

when the sun is unavailable.

These can also be found in

Here I mention the best I have found from:

I also suggest you look into Chromotherapy in its’ simplest forms

To have some knowledge of how color has been used for

Millenia for health and cures all over the world.

5.- We can see the effects of Spirit on health in Prayer, Inner Exercises,

frequencies, sounds and or vibrations.

This of course is one of the main contexts and study in Instituto Alef.

I again empathize the activation of the Latifas and Thursday

Exercises as the main life giving practices we can do

to give all the cells of our physical and etheric bodies

The energies they need,

as well as all other practices which you may have

for your individual inner Work in our Alef context.

For more than 50 yrs. I have witnessed the effects of the

inner work of our Tradition on many many persons

who have been ill and who with their inner work alone have been able

to achieve good health. Many other students and or other loved

ones have been able to obtain health and to remain healthy

after also incorporating some of the other Five elements

mentioned in this text.

I consider that the best way to health is by the balanced use

Of The Five Elements.

All depends on how far you are needing or willing to go to arrive at


or if a person is just needing to have a minor level

Of well being.

I am now writing about these Five Elements in a

more complete form because I have been asked more and more

for advise in obtaining or re-obtaining good Health.

One of my teachers in The Tradition ran a hospital for incurable

Patients and rode a horse every day at 130 years of age!!!!!

Dear Sayed Muhammad Osman al Qadiri al Naqshbandi.

I certainly avoid bragging about my good health at my 75 yrs of

age, after having smoked for many yrs. and done many

unhealthy things in my life. I do want to mention that many

people who hardly know me, ask me how it is that I seem to be the same

 age and always look well, and I normally answer that I live a healthy

life and meditate several hours per day.

The truth is that I follow what I write on this text very closely

And have done so for many years and feel very very grateful and

fortunate to be able to work 10 or 12 hrs. per day at my age without

it being in any way stressful.

Many people think I am very lucky or that there is something

Very secret and Special that I do.

Yes, they are right:

If all these five elements are used by us

In the correct qualities and proportions


When there is a deficiency or excess of any of these or

If these elements are polluted we have illness and/or an unbalanced

Condition and life.

The research done on the first four elements mentioned in this writing

Are truly numerous, done by individuals who have

dedicated lifetimes towards making knowledge available to mankind.

Many have won noble prizes and are forgotten or are unused, many have

 been ridiculed and or hunted and incarcerated.

Most of this research is almost unknown because people

have been taught that we now live in an era in which there is

better health care that ever before; being that the truth is that illness

is more and more widespread with maladies that were

Almost non existent a few decades ago.

This research is also unknown because people hardly have the

Time, energies, health and or interest in these subjects

until they become ill. It is truly important to start practicing

this simple and wholistic way towards Health

before illness sets in.

Monetary gains by healthcare professionals, hospitals and medical

Laboratories have caused  misinformation all over the world,

to the extent that what is called healthcare has become the

largest business in the world.

Trillions and trillions of dollars are spent on

so much that is wasteful and far from

what is truly useful and health giving.

It is as in so many other contexts, such as fuels, where

solutions have been at hand for many many years and

those who are in economical power withhold these

solutions and knowledge to the extent of doing away with the

Inventors and or individuals who have discovered them.

I write this for Alef Members and loved ones

knowing that we have, as a context dedicated to evolution,

a better chance of studying and obtaining health

 than the average person around the world, because we

may decide not to reject this know how and also because the

Knowledge here expressed has the ring and flavor of truth,

which can be corroborated easily in thousands of research papers

From all over the world.

Hopefully we will also have the possibility of using this knowledge

to live longer, more productive and fulfilling lives.

With the short amount of time mankind lives and the poor

conditions in which lives normally end, it is very difficult to

obtain the Fulfillment which we were meant to have

At the end of our lives.

May The Lord of All The Worlds

Allow us to obtain the Love and

Wisdom needed to obtain and remain in Health for

The time allotted to us.

Yours Always,


Recommended Reading: 

The China Study by T. Collin Campbell

Dancing with Water by MJ Pangman

The PH Miracle by Robert Young

Important Texts by Alidedé

H2 EBOOK (which I can send you) by Primonutra

Deuterium Depleted Water by John Ellis

Negative Ionization


Light panels:

Elixir of the Ageless by Dr. Patrick Flanagan

If you need to amplify any of the contents of this text

Please write to me and I will do my best to help you expand

them and provide more insights into the truly important subject of

Health, without which human development and evolution

can only be a dream.

¿How can a human being work on evolution and inner development

If he or she is without well being and health?

¿How many people around the world have become so accustomed

To being unwell that they do not remember what it is to be

In real Health?

¿How many people are willing to stop eating and drinking as they

Always have, even if they are now ill?

¿How many people are willing to do a bit of physical exercise

Even if they know it is of great importance for their health?